Life is a Journey Watch for the Blessings
I had planned to live out the rest of my life in Florida. Well, things don't always happen the way we plan...but rather the way God intends. In October I moved to Tyler, Texas. A beautiful town in the rolling hills of Northeast Texas.

What a blessing it has been. We've found people to be warm and friendly. Everything you need to have done is not accomplished without a long conversation, and no one is afraid to mention God's hand in their life. Drive-thru's say have a "blessed" day. It's actually a joy to go shopping.

I've found a new peace in this relaxed country atmosphere...I'm not nearly as driven and enjoying the time I have to write. How well God knows us and what we need. Right now as I put these words down, I hear the birds singing outside and I'm reminded of how the simple things in life brings us the most pleasure.

You are a child of the King, Therefore you are a Princess!!!!


    Linda lives in North East Texas. An active member of her church and Bible study leader. A knitter of "bear" blankets for children in Safe Place...a home for at risk abused women. Linda enjoys the blessings of nine great-grandchildren.


    April 2016
    February 2014